Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

Happy 2011! How's everyone's new year going so far? I don't know about you ut I am sooo glad the holiday crazies are over, amen!
I have revamped my Etsy shop, I made a new banner that you MUST go check out! I used good ole Paint program- has that program always been so damn complicated?
I've been nursing the jewelry bug a bit, so check out the new pieces I've posted. I think I've gotten a bit better at picture taking, once I started paying attention to other shop owners pics. The close-up shot is usually a winner.
I really want to learn how to screen print, it would be really cool to get some designs up on t-shirts and tanks. Think of the eco-friendly propaganda I could spread! It would be total green mayhem! *mwuahahaha* If any readers out there have information about this particular artistic venture, I would appreciate feedback :)
My current business twitter can be found @wrtrcat10 check it out! I'm going to be making a business only one soon, so look for a link. (@wrtrcat10 was originally for both the business and my professional writing.)
Hope your new year is going fantastic and make sure you check back soon!
C, Owner of Influence Clothing

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