Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Lovely Holiday Season

I promised you an update, so I am delivering.
I moved to my new place mid-Oct, got all settled in…and lost my motivation. I wallowed for a while and then one miraculous Sunday, the veil lifted. And there stood my promiscuous muse, with that forever-present smirk on her face. We embraced, I forgave her, and I jumped back on the sewing machine.
I’m working on two things: this bluish grey wrap
I had originally wanted it to be floor length, but then I cut too far up the back. DOH. But that’s the only screw-up I’ve had so not bad. I think I’m going to add white netting sleeves and maybe a netting hood. It’s a work in progress.
And I just finished this
created out of a piece from another skirt and a handkerchief, which I cut into strips and layered. I like this piece—it’s playful and didn’t take too long to make.
I’ve been working on coming up with a business model and thinking about exactly what I want to do with Influence. I want to keep it eco-friendly, of course, but I also want to give back as much as possible (‘social entrepreneurialism’ -great term, isn’t it?). I had decided about a portion of profits going back out to a good cause right from the get-go, I just have to figure out to which good cause and how much. Details. I gotta tell you, I’m inclined towards animal/environmental ones, but there are also many needy people out there, for many different reasons.
In my Etsy shop I have four pieces of jewelry for sale and I have been busting my ass to get clothing in there.

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