Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I believe I am getting much better at sewing, in general. A little faster, a little smarter...haha. I'm more realistic about sizing and material pull, that much I'm sure of. My craftsmanship is also coming along. I knew it was going to be a live and learn kind of thing, so *shrug*
I've recently completed this one sleeve tank
(This isn't a finished pic, just close). You can see how the left side is gathered into a frill. I had to put a strap for those women who are endowed in the booby region. You can also see how crowded my studio is, haha. This tank was a lot of fun to make, it was kinda just thrown together and actually ended up looking decent. I experimented with embossing a red 'I' on the on the upper left side, but I'm going to take it out, looks dumb. I need to get somehow. Oh, and this is also the first piece to incorporate my patchwork idea. It will be up soon in my Etsy store :)
The latest project is a jean vest. The idea for it came from a bunch of cool looking buttons (not shown) that I got off a hideous Grandma sweater. I painted them black with model car paint (nightmarish stuff, be warned!) and I had a bunch of jeans that I had pulled out of my closet and for some reason, they seemed to go together. I'm almost done with it, it has taken forever to put together, good lord.

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