Saturday, February 20, 2010

Introduction! Howdy!

Ok, after some deliberation I've decided to start a business blog. But don't let business blog throw you off--yes, it will be about my clothing business, Influence, but I hope to make it a fun and creative adventure in social media spelunking :) I don't promise to keep a regular presence on here but I'll try. I've never been good at keeping blogs updated but since this one is tied with my fledgling business there will be considerably more motivation :) \

I started Influence back in August (2009) and it has been an interesting learning experience. I've always been in love with fashion, but I didn't let myself explore that passion until last year :)
When I started it, I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine. I've known how to handsew since I was little (momma made quilts) and made little dresses for my dolls and a few mini quilts. Making adult clothes is sooo much harder, geez!

As far as the purpose of this lab, well of course it's for exposure. But I also plan on making it a good learning tool for other aspiring designers :) Enjoy reading and leave me comments!

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